7 Reasons why you should not pressurize Children to get good academic marks

Introduction Every parent is worried about the future and good education of the children. Their worry increases further when the exam time of the children comes closer. Anyway, due to the condition of children’s education last year due to covid, after that every student and their parents are also worried about the exam. In such … Read more

Advice on Raising Independent Child

Raising an independent child goes against traditional parenting wisdom and promotes a more harmonious and loving relationship between parents and children. When parents are asked what qualities they want to see in their children, independence and responsibility are at the top of the list. However, most parents are unaware that in order to raise children with … Read more

What is the Permissive Parenting style and why it does not work? 

Introduction Permissive parenting is a style of parenting where parents are overly indulgent and lenient towards their children. Permissive parents tend to have a laid-back attitude towards parenting, allowing their children to make their own decisions without imposing strict rules or consequences. This parenting style has both advantages and disadvantages and can impact children’s behavior, … Read more

5 Toxic habits of Modern days Parents 

Introduction Where the parents have a hand in the good upbringing of the children, the responsibility of the shortcomings left in the upbringing is also on the parents. In such a situation, parents should deal with their children with little understanding(Toxic habits). Actually, many times the children become victims of the dirty habits of the … Read more

5 Reasons Why Parents should send their children to USA or Germany for higher education

Introduction It should come as no surprise that today’s youth seek to pursue their education overseas given the rising accessibility of top-tier education and the demand for international courses. There are numerous benefits to allowing your child to study abroad. In this article we will be talking about reasons why we should send kids abroad … Read more

How to Become a Better Parent

Introduction Disciplining children, and raising them is an art. To inculcate good manners in children, we need to know some positive parenting tips related to upbringing. Do you know that children learn from what they see in you? Your children learn by watching you. Whatever you do, they copy. If the parents are cultured, then … Read more