How to Become a Better Parent

Better Parent


Disciplining children, and raising them is an art. To inculcate good manners in children, we need to know some positive parenting tips related to upbringing. Do you know that children learn from what they see in you? Your children learn by watching you. Whatever you do, they copy. If the parents are cultured, then the children also become cultured. This is an important key to parenting. (Better Parent)

If you are a vegetarian, don’t drink alcohol, and treat your spouse with respect, your children will also notice these qualities in you. They will notice that others’ parents quarrel, but my parents do not quarrel. Seeing this, children also learn the same.

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If you know how to take care of a rose plant, it will have a really beautiful growth. And if this is not understood and you forget to water it for a month, it will dry up. That’s why parents should learn the art of rearing children.

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2 Main Qualities of a Better Parent 

To become a better parent, several important qualities are required. It is a big responsibility. But in this article, we will share two main qualities you need to be a better parent.

Words selection 

If parents speak such words that touch the hearts of children, then they will be called the best parents. Word selection is an important aspect of parenting that can have a significant impact on a child’s development and well-being.
  1. Vocabulary development: Children learn language by imitating the words and phrases they hear from their parents. By using a rich vocabulary and speaking clearly, parents can help their children develop a wider range of words and improve their language skills.
  2. Communication skills: The words parents use can help children understand how to express themselves clearly and effectively. Children who hear a wide range of words and phrases are more likely to develop strong communication skills.
  3. Emotional development: The words parents use can have a profound impact on a child’s emotional development. Positive and supportive language can help build self-esteem and confidence, while negative or critical language can have the opposite effect.
  4. Relationship building: The words parents use can also impact the relationship they have with their children. Using positive and affirming language can help build a strong bond between parent and child, while negative or critical language can create distance and strain the relationship.

No scolding 

No one improves in this world by scolding or beating. Seeing your behavior improves. Showing them the right way to do things benefits them. Is it the right way to punish children for making mistakes? By doing so, does he not make the mistake again? Many times children do their arbitrarily and mischief that it seems right to slap the elders, but by doing so the children get scared.

Let us know why the child should not be punished:

1. Bad feelings: Punishment develops bad feelings in the child. He becomes irritable and he mentally prepares himself not to listen to you. It may also happen that your child starts hating you.

2. Can become rebellious: If you keep scolding the child again and again, then a feeling of rebellion can arise in him. He can get irritated about small things and can go to any extent to get his point across.

3. Create fear or phobia: Scolding a child can cause fear or phobia. Fear can sit in his mind, due to which he will keep shying away from moving in the right direction throughout his life. Doing so can stunt their psychological development.

  4. Development of inferiority complex: Continuous punishment can lead to the development of an inferiority complex in the child. Somewhere in his mind, this thing gets settled that he will never be able to do anything in life so it is the best option that instead of scolding him again and again you handle the child lovingly when he does any mistake or mischief.

Parenting tips

Here are some positive parenting tips for raising kids with manners and discipline:

  1. Children should be made to work by persuading them.
  2. Just a few words of warning in the right understanding help them to return.
  3. Get along well with everyone in the family. When the child is young, assign small tasks to them and praise them for the good things they do. Do not pay attention to what is negative in them. Adopt a positive attitude towards whatever good habit you want to inculcate in them. Praise every small step they take and ignore the mistakes they make. Be patient as it will take time.
  4. When scolded, the child cannot speak clearly, he cheats. Because of this, all hypocrisy has arisen in the world. There is no need to scold in the world. If the son comes after watching the movie and you don’t ask him to watch it, he will give false excuses to watch the movie again. In whose house the mother is strict, her son does not know how to behave.
  5. If you keep hitting the children, the result will be that they will look for love outside. Going forward he will search for ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. It should be in his mind that ‘When do I go home so that I can sit (spend time) with my parents? There should be so much love. Instead, if we keep hitting them, they will not feel our love and will wander in the other direction.
  6.  Spanking or punishing never brings permanent discipline, love is the only easy and practical key to disciplining a child.

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