Tips to Master Authoritative Parenting Now!

The main goal of authoritative parenting is to help children learn how to think for themselves and become responsible adults. Sounds pretty great, right? To get you started on your authoritative parenting journey, we’re here with some tips for mastering this style of parenting now! If you’re looking for an approach that will help you … Read more

Guidelines for Good Sleep for New Parents

Every new parent is aware of how difficult it may be to get a good night’s sleep at night due to numerous feedings. Nappy changes and carrying a restless infant around the hallways. While taking care of yourself can be difficult when you have a newborn, Grace W. Pien, M.D., M.S.C.E., a sleep specialist at … Read more

What Is Gentle Parenting, And Is It The Right Technique for You?

The warning label on parenting would presumably read, “Attention: Frustration inevitable.” It’s true that your children will often surprise you when you least expect it. (An alternative? “Best of luck.” (Gentle Parenting) You could find yourself learning things as you go when raising children since there is always more to learn. Who among us hasn’t … Read more

7 Reasons why you should not pressurize Children to get good academic marks

Introduction Every parent is worried about the future and good education of the children. Their worry increases further when the exam time of the children comes closer. Anyway, due to the condition of children’s education last year due to covid, after that every student and their parents are also worried about the exam. In such … Read more

How to Become a Better Parent

Introduction Disciplining children, and raising them is an art. To inculcate good manners in children, we need to know some positive parenting tips related to upbringing. Do you know that children learn from what they see in you? Your children learn by watching you. Whatever you do, they copy. If the parents are cultured, then … Read more