7 Reasons why you should not pressurize Children to get good academic marks

academic marks


Every parent is worried about the future and good education of the children. Their worry increases further when the exam time of the children comes closer. Anyway, due to the condition of children’s education last year due to covid, after that every student and their parents are also worried about the exam. In such a situation, the responsibility of the parents regarding the exams and studies of the children increases as compared to other days. But parents should not put the pressure of studies on their children at all. (academic marks)

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Parents want only the best for their children and hope that their child becomes very successful in life. But along with this, parents should also understand that it is not right to put too much pressure on their child regarding studies. The youngster may suffer as a result of this.

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Research says that if parents keep imposing their expectations on the child, then it will increase the pressure on the child and he will have to keep working hard to perform well.

In this article, we will talk about factors why parents should not pressurize kids – 

1 Success does not come from pressure (academic marks)

There is a difference between helping a child gain the confidence to be something in life and pressuring them to live up to your high expectations. If you think that expecting the best from your child will make your child hardworking and efficient, then you are wrong. No child becomes successful by putting too much pressure, rather it only gives him stress.

2 Academic Pressure affect sports and other interest of children (academic marks)

Experts believe that pressure from parents can often lead to stress and anxiety in children. Research shows that putting pressure on children to perform well in studies or activities can affect their periods and physical health. Not only this, the feeling of kindness and sympathy in the child also decreases. If parents start giving importance to numbers instead of the child’s needs and want, then it sends the wrong message to the child. Maybe your child is very good in sports or art or music, but slowly and gradually he/she will lose interest and not even perform there. 

3 Skill is more important than school marks

Parents often worry about their child’s future and they relate their child’s success to academic marks. The world has changed, we are living in 2023. In today’s world when there are a lot of gig workers doing very well, there are coaches, consultants, and start-up founders most of them are hired by their skills not by their marks. Also, skills of 2023 i.e. graphic design, video editing, mental wellness coach, etc do not need academic knowledge

4 Affect mental health (academic marks)

Too much academic pressure could adversely affect the mental health of children. This can have long-term effects on the child’s mental health. This does not mean that you cannot encourage your child to do well. Parents need to be very careful while talking to their children about their expectations. Your one wrong word can break them.

5 Low self-esteem

Kids’ self-esteem might be damaged if they are pushed to succeed. Children’s identity development is hampered by the pressure to perform constantly, which makes them believe they aren’t good enough or even that they will never be good enough.

6 Lack of sleep affects physical health

Children who are under constant pressure to perform well in school may study late at night and have trouble sleeping.

7 Children can do cheating to perform better

Children are more prone to cheat when accomplishment is prioritized over learning. Cheating is frequent among children who feel pressure to achieve well, whether it’s a young child catching a peek at a classmate’s answer on a test or a college student hiring someone to write a term paper.

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