7 Reasons why children behave Naughty and Tips to make them Obedient

Naughty children


Children’s mischief is liked by others but parents are often troubled by such mischievous children. If the child runs around and screams or cries when the child’s demands are not met, you can lose your temper and scold him. You can also think about what you did wrong that resulted in your child’s behavior. You can adopt some tips to make the child intelligent. (Naughty)

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But first, understand why children behave naughtily.

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Why do Children behave naughtily?

There is nothing wrong if your child does small mischief, rather it is natural. However, you should keep an eye on him, as well as whenever he does any mischief or comes from outside, the parents must make him realize his mistake and lovingly explain or warn him not to do so again.

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1 High energy level (Naughty)

Children who have high energy level spend their physical energy doing naughtiness. If your child is too jumpy, you can motivate him for sports like football, badminton, cricket, or hockey. This will allow their energy to be used properly and they will do less mischief at home or outside.

2 Child feels neglected (Naughty)

Many times it happens that children feel neglected, so they do naughtiness to attract the attention of their parents. For example, if your child was calm before and then suddenly starts doing mischief, then it is a sign that you are not able to give him full time. So spend some time with your children. Talk to him a lot about his friends, studies, and school, so that he doesn’t feel alone at home.

3 Physical Impacts

Even adults are susceptible to the myriad ways that sickness, sleep deprivation, hunger, and thirst can make them irritable. These impacts have a double impact on children. Thus, they tend to be more active and act out as a result of being exhausted, hungry, or having too much sugar.

4 Too Much, Too Quickly

While it’s important to keep your child’s body and mind busy, this must be balanced with enough rest. Your child’s behavior may change if he feels overstimulated and stressed out as a result (this could be brought on by social interaction or physical activity). He can become hyperactive

5 Seek Independence

While you may want your child to be independent, as a parent, you could find it annoying if they actually try to accomplish things on their own. Therefore, try to be patient when your toddler is obstinate about making his own clothing choices and wears an odd outfit to school. Recognize that he is simply learning to be autonomous, regardless of how ridiculous or incorrect the choice looks.

6 How Parents behave 

In general, people’s moods around them have an impact on us. Therefore, if you behave badly or angrily towards your child, he can imitate such behavior. He will behave similarly towards you if you are composed and patient around them. If you display patience, talk, and walk slowly child will imitate you, if you yourself are jittery and hyper as a parent this provokes the child more. 

7 Inconsistency

Every family expects its children to abide by a set of ground rules. Your child can become irritated and behave badly if there are no rules for him or her to follow or if you are lax about the rules you have established. So, when establishing rules and expectations for your child, be consistent. When he is aware of what is expected of him, he will react and behave better.

How To Make A Naughty Child Smarter 

  1. Limit Fixes –  Don’t just accept whatever your child says. Fix limits for the child and don’t take responsibility for setting them. Be a little strict but be soft.
  2. Fix screen time If the child watches cartoons continuously without any limit, then his behavior can be a bit naughty. So set limits on how long your child can watch TV or play games on the phone.
  3. Set a daily routine Set a routine for when your child has a break from school. Set up sleeping and eating routines as well. 
  4. Avoid Yelling Don’t lose your temper and avoid yelling at your kid, it is counterproductive as it will make him stop his tantrums for some time but he will also learn to imitate you in the future.
  5. Do not take out your anger on your child When you are in a bad mood, and your child is not behaving properly, do not take out your anger on him. Stay calm and handle the child comfortably. Your calm demeanor will be noted by your child and he will learn to stay calm in moments of anger just by watching you.
  6. Be consistent Don’t treat your kids differently every day. If you are firm with your child one day and lenient the next, he will not take you seriously. So set the rules and follow them

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