11 must Skills Children should learn in 2023

Introduction We live in a digital world where many changes have been implemented in the last 15 years due to the rise of the internet and smartphone. The digital economy brings a revolution in education (online education makes education democratic) and jobs- the news emerged i.e. gig workers, freelancers, digital marketing, and hundreds of more … Read more

11 reasons parents should develop Entrepreneurship skills in Kids

Introduction  Entrepreneurship skills are essential in today’s world, and it is becoming increasingly crucial to start developing these skills in kids from an early age. Parents can play a significant role in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in their children.  Here are 11 reasons why parents should develop entrepreneurship skills in their kids: #1 Encourages creativity … Read more

Advice on Raising Independent Child

Raising an independent child goes against traditional parenting wisdom and promotes a more harmonious and loving relationship between parents and children. When parents are asked what qualities they want to see in their children, independence and responsibility are at the top of the list. However, most parents are unaware that in order to raise children with … Read more

The 7 Advantages of Chess for Children!

You’ve probably heard the stories going around that chess is good for a kid’s brain development. The rumours are accurate, then! (Chess for Children) Chess is a fantastic game for both children and adults since it stimulates and excites the mind. Let’s look at 5 of the most often cited chess benefits, plus 2 extra … Read more