11 Ways to Help Children in Studies in 2023

Help Children in Studies in 2023


Although it is normal for children not to be interested in studies, if this problem is excessive, then it also becomes a cause of concern for the parents. It is not wrong for parents to be concerned about the education of their children, because every parent wants a bright future for their children. In this desire, they often do not understand why children are not interested in studies and keep pressure on them. The result is that the children become irritable and stay away from their studies. In such a situation, through this article by Parvarish, we will not only look at the reasons why children are not interested in studies but will also tell the ways to make children interested in studies. To learn more about this subject, read the article through to the end.

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Parents often reprimand children when they are not interested in their studies. While they first need to find out the reason for this. There can be many reasons behind the child not reading, about which we are giving information below:

  • Health-related problems (eg – increasing weight, asthma, or any other disease).
  • The mind should not be sharp.
  • Weakening of learning power.
  • Emotional problems (eg parent-child fights, fear of something).
  • The atmosphere of the house is not good.
  • Hyperactivity disorder (This is a common mental disorder in children. In this, lack of concentration can be seen in the child).
  • Psychiatric disorders (eg anxiety, depression).
  • fatigue and sleeplessness
  • Environmental factors (such as insufficient lighting or ventilation in the room).

A child’s mind is very soft and fickle. In such a situation, it is not right at all to force them to do something. Especially when it comes to studies. In such a situation, you can adopt the measures mentioned below to keep the children interested in studies. Here are not one or two, but more than 10 ways to engage children’s minds in studies, which are as follows:

1. Appreciate Child efforts

If the child does not feel like studying, instead of scolding him, try to explain to him. If he does something wrong, explain it to him. Give time to the child and sit with them and help them with their homework. Appreciate the child for small successes. Also, motivate the child in different ways to study (3). Also, talk to them about what’s going on at their school.

Appreciate Child efforts
Appreciate child efforts

2. Healthy Diet

It is equally important to take care of the child’s diet in order to concentrate on their studies. Lack of nutrition in children can have a direct impact on their physical and mental development. A balanced diet is essential for their good health and mental development. Today, instead of healthy food, the trend of junk food has increased among children, due to which they do not get proper nutrition. Along with this, children can also become victims of many diseases due to the consumption of junk food. That’s why it would be better to make the child eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, etc.

Healthy Diet
Healthy food

3. Choose the Right Place to Study.

It is said the location has memory. Children should have a separate room for their studies. According to research published on Researchgate, for the child to be interested in studies, it is necessary to have proper ventilation in their room. By ventilation, we mean that their room should be well-ventilated. Apart from this, sunlight and the right light are also necessary for the room.

Choose the Right Place to Study.

4. Sports Activity

Children should do at least one sports activity in a day for 45min- 1 hour. This will improve their focus and refresh their mind. Parents should enroll their kids in cricket, football, skating or tennis. There is a misconception that sports interfere with studies. However, research has shown children who do good in sports also do well in studies.

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Sports Activity

5. Give children a positive environment

Children often get distracted by the bad home environments where parents often fight, and a bad neighborhood. The bad environment gives stress to children and they could not focus on their studies. As it is often said happy mind is a healthy mind. If we give children an environment where there is so much stress and negativity, how we can expect children to perform better?

Give children a positive environment

6. Do not put stress on children

Many parents put too much pressure on their children to study. Children may suffer as a result of this. Stress increases in some children, which can have a negative effect on them. It is no surprise that stress can affect a child’s studies. In such a situation, talk to your child and try to know whether any worrying thing is troubling him. At the same time, do not compare your child with other children.

Do not put stress on children

7. Set a Routine or Time Table

Prepare a timetable for the child. In this, fix the time for the child to exercise, play, and study. By doing this, the child will not feel bored while studying and he will start studying diligently. Also, let them take breaks every now and then so that they don’t get irritable while doing their work.

Set a Routine or Time Table
Time table

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8 Distraction-free Study Room for Children

There should be no distractions in the child’s study room
There should be no such thing in the room where the child studies so that his mind wanders here and there should be no TV in the room or phones near them. Due to this, they do not concentrate on their studies. If you live in a large family, ask everyone in the house to maintain silence during the child’s study time to increase concentration and prevent the mind from wandering.

Children in Studies

9 Do not Pressurize Children

All parents want their children to be the best. For this, many parents start pressurizing their children on every issue. Avoid doing this. Don’t lecture the child on everything. Don’t make the child agree by scolding or reprimanding. Instead, explain them with love. Tell them about the importance of studies in their life, giving an example of someone.

Children in Studies

10 Motivate your child if he/she fails

Teach the child that one should never lose heart due to defeat. Defeat and victory are part of life. Encourage them to go out on the field more prepared next time. Some children are not able to face failure, the effect of which is visible in their behavior. Many children get demotivated and are unable to concentrate on their studies. That’s why parents should also teach children to face failure.

Children in Studies

11 Do not get angry when the children ask for help

If the child gets stuck at some place while reading, explain it lovingly. If they do not understand even after repeated explanations, then do not lose your temper. Take the help of an activity to make them understand. This may make it easier for the child to understand. Also, try to explain them in a playful way with full patience.

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Children in Studies


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