5 Toxic habits of Modern days Parents 

Toxic habits


Where the parents have a hand in the good upbringing of the children, the responsibility of the shortcomings left in the upbringing is also on the parents. In such a situation, parents should deal with their children with little understanding(Toxic habits). Actually, many times the children become victims of the dirty habits of the parents. Children start ignoring their parents and start separating from them. Along with this, later on, children start hiding things from their parents. So, every parent should avoid making such mistakes that separate them from their child. So, let us know about those 5 bad habits of parents which can separate them from their children (habits that disconnect you from your child).

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1. Laptop and mobile use while talking to children (Toxic habits)

Children are very innocent at heart. That’s why you should keep in mind that what you do will affect your children as well. Like using laptops and mobile while talking to children. In fact, the repeated use of devices in front of your child creates a wall that separates you from them. They will feel that you do not give them time, do not listen to them, and are always upset.

2. Not being available for them on time (Toxic habits)

For children, everything about their parents means a lot. In such a situation, when the children need you and you are not available for them, it creates sadness and anger toward you in their minds. In such a situation, you should take some time out and be available for the children all the time. Also, spend time with them, be there for them on their special days. This will connect you with them.

3. Finding fault with children

Correcting and reprimanding a child’s misbehavior is part of parenting. But your negative and complaining attitude can make them rebellious and grumpy. Remember, it’s okay to set rules as long as they understand you’re not badmouthing them, but explaining them. But when you just go on finding faults, the children get separated from their parents.

4. Parents discriminate against their own children

Children feel pressure when compared to others. Such instances force them to question themselves and realize that what they are doing is not valuable to you as their parent. In this way, it separates you from them.

5. Bullying and criticizing

Repeatedly criticizing, lying to, or emotionally intimidating, threatening, or blackmailing children to control them can have many harmful effects. In this situation, children to hide their pain and because of guilt, they build an imaginary wall around themselves and stop cooperating. This situation is very frightening.

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